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YoungKB | Speaker Leakers Interview

Speaker Leakers got to sit down with 19yr old YoungKB out of Ravenna, Ohio he is an up and coming Hip Hop artist with dreams to make it happen.

YoungKB says that he started rapping because he basically got the urge to do it. Before picking up a mic he was a standout sports star in his region and was thinking about going that route, but plans changed. Now he’s on a journey to ball & be the best in another arena, Hip Hop and music in general played a major influence in his life. First getting introduced to recording at an early age by his now incarcerated big brother, by tagging along and. being around. Little did he know big bro had a personal plan along side in house produce Big C to make him the focus of their future before he even knew it.

One day he says it just hit him and he hit up Big C and said let’s do it, and from their they have been perfecting their sound. Managed by his other big brother and with his first single video release “Russell” doing well in his area he is looking to expand his support base. Stopping by Speaker Leakers dropping off two new bangers better than the first. It looks, and sounds like YoungKB is headed in the right direction, and should be someone you lookout for in the near future. follow @youngkb_3


1.Micheal Jackson

2.New Edition




Check out a piece of the interview here via FB LIVE


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