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TWAN G. - SNOWFALL (Album Review)

One of the top 25 selling JPay artist in the country Twan G. is back with his 15th solo effort featuring 11 tracks, and features from some dope underground talent entitled SNOWFALL. Did I just say 15 sheesh that's crazy if you think about it! From starting in 2005 then taking 5 years off to coming back full force in 2010 to drop 15 solo albums and have a total of 22 in counting is exemplary of a work ethic rivaled by some of the greats.

The album is an 11-track ride something to bend a couple of corners and will get you motivated to either get your paper or hop on bullshit if the situation presents itself. The project starts off with All I Know Is Grit. this comes on with a classic sample of the popular culture hit show Snowfall on FX television network making way for Twan G with his raspy voice and convincing delivery to talk his talk on top of one of his classic mob beats, With heavy bass, and a melodic sample. The into goes on to explain how he's been getting to it through the Bandemic, and If you don’t like it you might want to find a new plug. He follows that with Money My Motivation a mellow track with a dumb, (dumb means good) bassline and cool piano riffs ft. the multi-talented B Mims & the emerging underground star Shoddy Boi both hailing from Akron, Ohio. On the track Lost ft, November Williams Twan G speaks about the losses he has taken in his personal life dealing with friends and family. Give us details of how some of the Decisions in life can cost you dearly. The hook is delivered by a voice reminiscent of Mary J Blige. November has a bright future vocally. The beat is deep and takes you somewhere else instantly. Sneak Dissing Ft Doughcheese out of Akron gives us a special shout-out to all the sneak dissing muthafukas worldwide. The production goes back to a classic Twan G production with heavy bass cool riffs as well as snappy high hats. Co-produced by Akron and "MOB" production legend GoldenEye as he explains despite the haters he is still stacking, and most of his haters aren['t doing too much for themselves. No matter how tough you try to be you can only be you

Felt The Pain Is the 5th track on the album. The production is another one that will transport you somewhere else immediately just close your eyes, and listen! With a melodic sample slick bass line, and dope keys combined with the perfect content matching the production. Twan G takes his audience through his thoughts and stories of the pain he’s felt throughout his life. Keep Stacking Gets right back to the Twan G we’ve come to love. Keep Stacking puts you in the money-getting zone something to ride to for sure. Goldeneye did his thang on the uptempo steady bass vibe. Young Black Male is probably my favorite song on the 11-track effort. Has a mellow beat perfect to tell a story on. Twan G did just that. The production gives us a classic hip-hop vibe. Producing a track with a lot of substance that everybody can understand and listen to. Great record looking forward to seeing the visual. On Keep That On Me ft 2 Times

Twan drops more jewels and pain on this track as he continues to paint pictures with his words. 2x came in crazy definitely want to hear more from the homie

Energy ft Twilla B the beat is hypnotic the feature on the record Twilla B. came with the perfect amount of energy (Pun Intended) for the track. From there Twan G came right in on cue with fire bars and a lot of “real talk”. Sometimes it doesn't matter about friends or family if the energy is wrong you gotta cut them off. Wise words from a decent man Lol. Run It Up gives you another classic hood thug love record geared toward the ladies with more of a gangsta vibe: the beat sounds so familiar I just can’t put my finger on it. The sample is fire and the tempo is on point. I'll probably add it to my R&G playlist. The song Sticks swings the project back to the streets. Twan G swags on the track letting you know that he has his protection at all times and won’t get caught lacking without it. With goons on deck don’t press yo luck. I will call it music to slide to. On the second to last track Street Nigga the beat comes in Grimey giving you that classic grit music feel thst Twan g helped create. Twan G. goes on to explain that he is a certified street nigga in all lanes and in his own lane at the same Late Night Server the last track ft Akron Native Tae Carlo is an uptempo track with a west coast feel it’s something you can ride too. Just another track for Twan G to get off on which he gladly obliges.

I'll give the album a 4-star rating based on originality, production, content, and engineering.

Check out the album for yourself here. Let us know your thoughts. Follow @twan_g_chapo.

Watch the latest video from Twan G. All I Know Is Grit

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