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J Boy Da Gr8 born Jason Pitts Jr. in the early 90s in the city of Akron, Ohio . As a teen he began making beats for a group of friends that would go on to preform in local venues in between Akron and Cleveland. After the lead rapper of the group of friends got Incarcerated and tried as an adult , J Boy would continue to make beats with hopes of gaining exposure. After shopping beats to artist like Young Filthy, Jay One Hundred, Young Dell (of Akron) and Canton rapper Sonny Black, he felt that his exposure was not growing fast enough. As a senior in high school he made up his mind that he would switch roles and become a full fledged rapper. With this in mind he began searching for his sound and approach to the rap game. Still in high school he would link with Speaker Leakers own Dj Laylo. Under Laylo and his Moshpit Music Group brand he would rap and produce tracks for a group the Dj formed called PitBoiz. The group would go on to do shows throughout their state opening for acts like Bone Thugs, Lil Scrappy and many more. After working with the group for almost a year the PitBoiz would drop a project called Legacy. At the same time, J Boy Da Gr8 would continue to work hard on his craft and focused on building his name. J, would soon meet up with rapper and record label owner Big Face. With Big Face’s Made By Tha Game Entertainment label, Da Gr8 would be featured in serval shows and videoes until getting into legal troubles of his own. After being released from prison J Boy would retool himself, and began shooting videos in his city and for Fort Wayne Indiana artists Smoov and Nic Bandz. While out on papers, he would began recording his first solo album entitled “Letter 2 Tha Streetz”. Due to trails and tribulations it took him and the Made By Tha Game team some time to drop his solo project. With this album, J Boy Da Gr8 would drop 16 tracks with no features with production by local legends Golden I-95 , himself and Hyphy. The album would be released on iTunes, Spotify and many more streaming platforms in March 2017. Never letting up J Boy continues working on his brand by continuous dropping music on the Speaker Leakers Radio and starting his own “BookieMonster” clothing brand. With over 25 plus music videos and countless streams J Boy is still putting in work in the entertainment business.


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