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Parallel Lines


Marketing, new, entertainment, hip hop


We will help you write your bio in a professional manner that will pop off the page and can be used multiple times from interviews to music uploads. Also providing EPK services for your digital portfolio that can be used to give to promoters and new fans alike.


$25 - $50

Radio & Podcast interviews

Setting up Radio campaigns from FM to internet-based. From all over the country in locations such as LA, Atlanta, Michigan, and New York. Cleveland & More.

Starts @ $100

Album & Single Reviews

Want a professional close look into your album? Let your current and future fans know how your album or EP is constructed, By getting a full review on each individual track from the lyrics to the engineering, From the raps to the production to the overall feel. This will include streaming links to the complete project, which will be blasted on add social media platforms.Get your latest Album & Single reviewed by a team of industry professionals with more than 45 years in the industry.

Starting @ $50 (15 Songs)

Album & Single Release Promotion

After the grind that goes into an album, it’s not easy getting the word out. This service gives you 1 full month of day-by-day steps to publicize your project and get the word out. It is customized to your brand as an artist and is a hands-on experience. This includes an Album Review and can be bumped up to an Interview Feature for an additional $20, as well as a complete social media analysis to rate your online presence as an artist. Paid promo is not included.

Starting @ $180

Radio Campaigns

Get your music in rotation on FM & Internet stations throughout the US.

Blog Write-Ups

Starts @ $1000

Blog Write Ups

Get your latest release published, and pushed on blog sites both Major & Independent.

Starting @ $50

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