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THC Vaping Dangers

Well the report is in. Vaping THC can lead to serious health complications so be careful.

It has been a report via CBS This Morning 200+ cases with 1 dead from vaping related illnesses including severe lung disease. It has been discovered a chemical in the product that could be blamed for the rash of latest cases. It's an oil derived from vitamin E in samples of patients all over the world.

18 yr old Adam Hergenreder out of Gerny, Illinois is a victim of the vaping epidemic. He tells CBS that his lungs feel like a 70 year olds. He says he has been vaping for 2 years. Saying he bought the substance off the streets. He admits he feels dumb about buying the "drug" off of random people, but was addicted and wasn’t thinking. Since his lungs has been failing he has been feverish, vomiting, and gasping for breath. He went straight to extensive care thinking that he may die.but has since begin to feel better. He know has deep breaths that usually end up in a cough.

Watch the interview here

it’s going from E cigs to E Joints what are your thoughts?!


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