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Should Middle School Kids be drug tested

Drug Testing Middle School Students

The 2019/2020 school year is starting. 5th grade graduates are starting their first year in middle school and 6th graders are no longer the "fresh meat" of the school. Where peer pressure meets the start of puberty and a lot of new discoveries.

School attendants have been discussing if middle school students should be drug tested. Is it really that necessary? Is it that bad? What is the reason behind this? Is this for all students or just the athletes? North Olmsted school district are considering drug testing their students. Their reason is to keep their students from doing drugs in high school. According to the Cuyahoga County Youth Risk Behavior survey, 21% of middle school kids admit to using alcohol, 10% admit to using marijuana and 6% admit to prescription drugs. Schools like Avon High and other districts in Cuyahoga County, have been administering drug test on students and believes this will lower the chance of them doing drugs once they get to high school.

The drug test are random and are for students who are involved in extra curricular activities and sports. This will keep students from doing drugs if they want to be involved in the activity. Although most people would assume the school sports and after school programs are what keep the students from using drugs. One school even gave out drug test to parents to drug test their own kids.

This is beyond the dare program from elementary school. I was a tad bit shocked when I heard the discussion on drug testing middle school students. I find it hard to believe it's that serious. I do understand the reason to drug test is to hold students accountable for the future by making them disciplined. Considering the peer pressure for sex and drugs does start at in middle school,

I suppose schools are working to do whatever it takes to keep students drug free as long as possible. High school students who are participating in certain activities......perhaps. The U.S constitution does rule it is legal for schools to drug test students who are involved in sports and/or any student activities. Students and parents can refuse the drug test but will have to take the chance of their children not participating. I've honestly seen more middle school students smoke tobacco, than do any other drug. I certainly would say lets do something about the nicotine addiction. Parents are you for or against drug testing pre-teens?


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