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King Von Murderer Arrested

Atlanta police have charged 22-year-old Timothy Leeks with murder in the fatal shooting of rapper King Von. Von was an artist under Lil Durk imprint Only the Family label. He was gunned down by Leeks after an altercation outside of an Atlanta Hookah Lounge.

Lee is reported to be a long-time associate of Quando Rondo. He is caught on camera shooting King Von as the rapper is reportedly in a physical altercation with Rondo himself. If this is true it may be a possibility that Lil Tim can get off under the state's self-defense laws. We shall see and keep a strong eye on the case as more develops.

Von was on a path to stardom before his life was cut short by a situation that some say could have been avoided. Von who did 5 years in prison and got out and took the rap game by storm with his hit single "Crazy Story". Durk signed King Von to his Only the Family label, he released Von's 2018 single "Crazy Story," which was his breakout single. In May 2019, "Crazy Story 2.0" featuring Lil Durk was released, and a subsequent music video was later released on May 20 of that month and peaked at number four on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. On September 13, 2019, a third rendition of the single called "Crazy Story Pt. 3" was released. which further sealed his place in the rap game. He had a video releasing called none other than "Armed & Dangerous". It's another incident in hip hop that sends us a wake-up call that we refuse to heed. Check Out the footage below. Viewer discretion is advised.

Check out the breakdown from DJ Akademiks


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