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Yadda Baby was born and raised in the Rubber City Akron, OH Birthplace of Legends like LeBron James & Steph Curry, and a host of others. Yadda Baby got his name from being the youngest in the group Yadda Gang which is a collection of childhood friends. Which turned into Y.O.T standing for Youngest On Top, Being influenced by some of the greats like Gucci and Lil Wayne, and his cousin from his hometown Delly. He started making music when he was around 14 years old. Yadda Baby is striving to be the best artist he can be because he understands the grind and feels he has more to accomplish. He is inspired to be the best person he can be because being real is rare, and he doesn’t think he’s like a lot of people. Yadda Baby makes get- 


money music, that people on the grind can feel. Music for people who ain’t make it “yet” but are on the way! For comparisons, you could say a new era Young Jeezy or Master P. All though he doesn’t have that old school flow he still talks about getting some money. As well as the stuff going on around him in the streets in ways others can feel, and relate to. In the next 3 years, he wants to be on the road doing paid features & shows. Yadda Baby’s Top 5 dead or alive are Kodak Black, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Future, and Jay Z. His latest releases include his 3rd solo project YOT TIES and a collab tape with his dawg Smerf Lo called DONALD DUMP & DRUGS BUNNY. Find him on social media Facebook search Blicky o Mac, and also @Yaddababy3 on IG and Snapchat. Also, search Yadda Baby on all streaming platforms.



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