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The Real Reason Cousins Joined The Warriors

Per NBA reports Damarcus Cousins wasn’t exactly ring chasing in this wild turn of events in the free agent Summer, that is turning out to be shaking up the NBA world. He was just taking his chance to take revenge on a league that just didn’t want him. Per reports Cousins was not offered a single deal to start off the free agency season, and that is what sparked a flame in his soul. It’s told that Monday morning he called his agent and asked him to call the Warriors front office and see what can be worked out, and that's what he did. Obviously the warriors being as loaded as they are couldn't offer to much the All-Star center but due to the fact that they will only really have his services for half a season due to his Achilles injury it seemed about right at 1-yr/5m. The overwhelming key factor in his decision was the support and love he received from Curry, Durant, and Green his USA Olympic teammates. There is actually an old video of him calling him self the 3rd splash brother. Well all i can say is thank you New Orleans, you've helped finalize one of the greatest ensemble of talents in NBA history... THANK YOU smh

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