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Yadda Baby - Lost Files

Yadda Baby of Yadda Gang Ent. A new artist out of Akron, Ohio drops Lost Files a 8 track introduction for the culture. 😎😎😎

The album starts off with Intro a quick 16 just giving you a little taste of the game he’s spittin. The album featuring 448 rolls, Tuck Uno, Fate So, Nae GottI, and YG Delly is a solid compilation of tracks giving you the new Midwest style of music reminiscent of the Detroit fast rap & uptempo beats. The Album is full of energy with tracks like No Effort, Yot Boyz, and Freestyle. He gives us a classic feeler with Plottin a auto tune track with a clean beat giving us a audio of his dreams and wishes in the rap game, and dealing with the up & downs of life in bus ultimate pursuit of happiness. We find the same type of feel on track No Trust Track 5 Ride With Me is a Hood anthem for the ladies giving you that Bonnie & Clyde feel. Ending the Album off strong with Back On My Bullshit it shows plenty of potential from the young artist.

We give the album a 3 out 5 sadly mostly on the strength he didn’t give us enough. WE WANT MORE. The tracks were to short and we need more tracks. Hey maybe that’s why they were the Lost Files? It was still a listenable Album that’s a quick slapper to get your day started.

Check it out here and tell is what you think


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