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Woman ignored by guards, gives birth in jail

July 31, 2018, Diana Sanchez gave birth alone in a jail cell while calling for help. She is currently suing Denver County jail for not providing her with the proper care for herself and her baby.

Sanchez was reprimanded after writing a check off in someone else's name, in which she takes full responsibility for. She was taken into custody July 10 and was already a high risk for premature birth as she was only 8 months. July 30 she was told by medical staff to notify staff if she had any contractions, or bleeding. On the day Sanchez gave birth, she was waiting on transport to take her to a hospital. In the video you can see a staff sliding a absorbent pad under the door to give to her. The video is so heart breaking to watch this woman give birth to a child all alone in a jail cell while staff watched from the camera. According to her lawyer the city blocked out the toilet that was only steps away from the small bed she was laying on. The umbilical cord was not cut until 15 minutes after the baby was born. Diana has filed a lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S District Court in Colorado. The lawsuit states Diana was put in unnecessary terror, pain and humiliation that continues to cause her ongoing emotional trauma. Although her baby was born healthy with no complications, the unsanitary conditions, the improper care and treatment could have caused more problems to the baby.

No nurse at the Denver county jail took action to ensure the Sanchez or her babies safety. Knowing her pregnancy was already high risk and was prenatal issues. 5 hours of labor and no help from staff. Diana states she is aware of her reason for being in jail and takes full responsibility of it however she did not deserve the treatment she received from jail officials. Due to this incident pregnant woman who are close to labor are transported to the hospital for treatment. The lawsuit has just begun so no comment from the courts have been made.


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