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Wilder Wins With KO (42-0-1 41 KO)

Saturday night under the lights of Las Vegas, Nevada Deontay Wilder aka the Bronze Bomber did it yet again. Delivering one of the greatest shots in boxing history knocking out Luis Ortiz in the 7th round of action.

The fight lived up to hype Ortiz proved to be one of the most dangerous men in the heavyweight division at least in the eyes of the Bronze Bomber. "Nobody wants to fight him and he proved why." Hopefully he will get the shots he deserves said a victorious Wilder at the post fight press conference. Wilder sad he had to be smart with Ortiz. He looked at videos and seen what he did right, and of course what he did wrong in the last fight.

The reigning heavyweight champ seen an opportunity in the 7th round and took it. He says as on numerous times before "they have to be perfect 12 rounds i only have to be perfect 2 seconds.“

Wilder is still champ and after one thing in his already stellar career. One champion one face one name, and he says he is getting closer and closer to his goal. Being behind on all score cards throughout the fight Wilder says "I never worry if i'm losing or not. I'm blessed with what these other guys ain't blessed with." He goes on to say "When you have the power i have, i don't want my mind to be cloudy with those thoughts." When it comes it comes BOOM BABY GOODNIGHT!!!

Wilder stated “At this point you have to give me my credit. People are not use to my style i'm different than any other fighter. You can't teach what i have I earned my due respect and i am the hardest hitter in boxing history. I proved that consistently. I try to fight the best and still do it. The late boxing legend Emmanuel Stuart told me ill be knocking guys out even when i fight the top fighters back when the competition wasn't up to par.”

Tyson Fury which will be Wilders next fight was rumored to be taking notes on the fight. In response to the rumors Wilder says "your not going to perfect in any fight." Wilder plans on knocking out Fury out like the first time. The champ is not worried about what anyone says. Fury only has two big Fights Vladimir Klitchko, and me. I put my belt on the line every time with the top fighters, and with a quick turnaround. Wilder says "I'm getting better with setting up fights. I hope he took a lot of notes.

Wilder was asked if this knockout was his favorite. He says " My favorite KO was Spuka. he came out hospital with the gown own. Thats when you know its real" He says. "I’m always amazed at what I’ve done. No one is doing what I’m doing, seeing the body hit the ground is unbelievable. I'm just happy to be apart of it." He continues on admitting he had to be patient with Ortiz. Ortiz who has over 500 fights, he says "you have to be smart and can't rush it. Gotta approach from different angles trying to get him to react." I found the shot I was looking for and boom baby goodnight.

Due to a controversial decision to the Fury fight where many thought that Fury actually won the fight even after a knock down on Fury early in the fight. The controversial decision will make the fight bigger this time around. Wilder says "We both promote fights well. I'm looking forward to great numbers. Never been good with predictions just don’t blink never know what’s going to happen till it happens." Fighters lives are on the line so they bring they best against me he continues on.

Should we give the Bronze Bomber his respect right now. Wilder is only looking to dedicate 6 years of love and loyalty to the game. He says "Give me my roses now." When asked about the knockout he said "The way he fell, and his body language I felt it was over." He did admit that he did look back to check. As a true champion he’s still learning after starting boxing late. He feels if he wasn’t still learning he’ll be bored. Age ain’t nothing but a number he states "Oriz is a great fighter Most dangerous in the ranks now.."

Wilder came to the ring and the post fight conference dressed like a king. He credits the wardrobe to his team, and says "we are working on next one now". When asked about the KO he says the fighters were tugging on feet position most of the fight. Wilder says he's able to see your whole body looking in your eyes which gives me a distinct advantage, Once he sees his entry hats when he applies pressure.

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Check out the full press conference here.


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