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Tyga Gets Dragged

Tyga gets dragged out....

Its been reported Tyga was kicked out of Floyd Mayweather's 42ndbirthday party. Videos have been surfacing all over social media showing him being escorted abruptly out of the party. After getting outside the video shows him yelling and trying to grab his body guards’ gun. To do what? Who knows, but the situation looked intense. Tyga has not spoken about the situation but when asked Floyd Mayweather denied knowing who Tyga was. He made a comment of “Who? the only Tony Tyga I know is the MF off the cereal box”. Soulja boy posted the video on his IG with a caption of Tyga you weren’t invited, you’re not on the money team”.

So Tyga was either interrupting the party and got kicked out or was not invited at all and was kicked out. Tyga clapped back at Soulja Boy over the Thotiana beat during his visit at Power 106. Of course, big Draco came back with a rap diss. This is getting messy because Soulja Boy was just dating Black Chyna who is the mother of Tyga son a couple of weeks ago.

This may or not have affected Tyga, as he was the one who left Black Chyna for Kylie Jenner back in 2014. Soon after Black Chyna started dating Rob Kardashian who is the brother of Kylie Jenner, in which they got married and had a baby. Now Chyna has made it to the next victim or is she the victim. Either way this is a love hexagon not a triangle…way too many bodies. Soulja Boy and Black Chyna were seen together on Valentines Day shopping but of course, it only lasted for a short term and Draco response was that he just wanted to know what the P***y was like. Big Draco being messy or nah? The disrespect doesn’t end there. Like many rappers Soulja Boy took it to IG after the Floyd situation stating he could never date Chyna because she dates Ni*** like Tyga and then proceeded to say “ I f*** yo babymom and played fortnite with your son”. Yikes!!! The beef between Soulja Boy and Tyga is still unknown.

Why is Draco coming for Tyga? Furthermore, where is Tyga? He hasn’t responded yet. Tyga may have made a come back in 2018 but things aren’t looking too good for him during the start of 2019. Hopefully he can regain himself.


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