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Turkey Games

Turkey Games also known as NFL Thanksgiving has received recent backlash because of the choice of teams selected to play every year particularly the Detroit lions, and Dallas Cowboys. If you never knew the story we did some research on the situation.

It started in 1934 when the Lions moved to Detroit

The first owner of the Lions, G.A. Richards moved the Lions from Portsmouth, Ohio to Detroit. In 1934, they played their first Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Bears and legendary coach George Halas. Richards had NBC cover the game across the U.S. via radio, with 26,000 fans in attendance. While the Bears won the game, a new tradition was born. It was a success that has been carried on ever since — one that’s older than 24 of the 32 NFL franchises today.

The Lions are a shade under .500 on Thanksgiving

The Lions are 37-40-2 on Thanksgiving Day. They’ve had their stretches of winning and losing streaks, but none greater than the nine-game losing skid they had from 2004 to 2012.

As for today’s game

The Lions fought hard from the beginning of the game despite going down 7-0 they responded promptly with Rookie quarterback David Blough throwing a touchdown on his first career pass to Kenny Golladay for 75 yards. the game went back and forth throughout with strong play from both quarterbacks. Chicago Bears troubled starter Mitchell Trubisky three for 3 TDs Going 29-38 in the sir versus Detroit Lions QB David Blough going 22-38 with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. Detroit led 14-7 after the 1st, but failed to score any more than 3 points in the second half to Chicago's 14.

With a decent effort from the Lions was it enough to sway the public opinion on Detroit playing EVERY F*$%n year, We shall see how do you feel about the Lions every year? Who would you like see replace them if any?


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