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Trap The Vote: Hip Hop and Politics Panel

The Revolt Summit is a unique opportunity for rising creatives and executives to engage with icons, experts and legends leading the charge today. Says Chairman Sean “P.. Diddy” Combs. The four day summit consisted of a variety of panel discussions such as the “HBCU Love” panel hosted by ”The Breakfast Club“ host Angela Yee. the discussion picked up on different topics on attending an HBCU College. Along with other panel discussions the summit also had celebrity performances from hip hops heavy hitters and new up and coming artist such as Meg the Stallion and more.

The trap the vote panel which was hosted by Jeff Johnson has been considered “The unfinished business of the civil rights movement“. This panel was very interesting to say the least and worth watching. The panel consisted of rappers Ti “Tip” Harris, Killer Mike, political activist and Trump supporter Candace Owens and a couple others. A lot of topics were brought up such as the unity in the black community regardless of the disagreements, being able to come together and agree to disagree is the most important. Rapper and political activist Killer Mike made some great points during the discussion. such As knowing who your city council members are, your district area, and your community as a whole.

Things got a little heated during the discussion with T.i and Candace and their differences on president Trump. Host Jeff Johnson was able to re center the discussion and asked Killer Mike his opinion. Mike stated instead of arguing over who is the better master, we should burn down both masters and take lead ourselves. He gave the audience homework stating to write down demands on what we need as a community and not just voting for anyone but coming up with demands on what we as a people want from our politicians.

This strategy can be used not just for presidential elections but local as well. Mike stretches the importance of telling the political party what the community needs. Not just voting but being active with talking to the politicians. This panel discussion gave people the ability to Believe we can have disagreements but still be able to build as a community. P.Diddy stated “ The purpose of REVOLT summit is to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and wisdom they need to shape the future of hip hop. Below is the link to the hour long discussion. It is worth watching.

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