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The Westbrook Era

Today marks the official day that Russell Westbrook aka Brodie has been introduced by his newest team the Houston Rockets who were eliminated for the 2nd straight year by the injury riddled and KD-less Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Westbrook who started the Press Conference by thanking his former team, and organization Oklahoma City Thunder. Will join a Rockets organization that is thirsty to take the next step in their goal of an NBA championship. The biggest question going forward is not if they have the right pieces but is their enough of one basketball to go around between the 2 out of 3 past NBA MVPs. While both players were in the top 5 of usage last year, they are world renounced ball dominators for their respective teams, and will create an interesting dynamic in the Rockets back court.

Both Harden & Westbrook see no issue at this point knowing their personal history, having played together once before for a Thunder team that featured not only Harden & Westbrook, but also the 1x MVP Kevin Durant as well. This season will be a lot of fun not only for those two, but for the basketball nation as a whole.


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