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The Most Dangerous Drug In The World

There is a drug that can make you lose your free will, and will leave you to anyone’s mercy...

Scopolamine is a drug originated in the Columbian region. very hard to get and mostly used for criminal activity it has cost a lot of people time & money. The “Devil's Breath“ is derived from the flower of the “borrachero” shrub, common in the South American country of Colombia. The seeds, when powdered and extracted via a chemical process, contain a chemical similar to scopolamine called “burandanga”. Borrachero has been used for hundreds of years by native South Americans in spiritual rituals. With just a whiff of the drug it will leave you at the mercy If anyone who wants to take advantage of you. They used the drug back in ancient times to kill the mistresses of King’s who died, by giving them the drug and leading them to their grave sites. Even being used in the early wars as a truth serum. It traps your total consciousness, they call it the devils breath because it steals your soul. From drug lords to prostitutes the drug is being used all the time it doesn't take much, actually less than a gram to trap you. So watch out for strangers and people asking for directions don't get to close. It can also be added to drinks as well.

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