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Tesla Cyber Truck Revealed

Tesla tech giant and owner Elon Musk recently revealed the Tesla Cyber Truck at Tesla studios. The truck which can get up to 0-60 in 6 sec standard or 4.5sec with a dual motor is like no other. Also boasting 500 miles of battery range this truck is better known as the truck of the NOW!!!

Mr. Musk stated he wanted to present something different. "Trucks have been the same for the last 100 years now". With all the smoke and flames of a WWE intro the Cyber Truck rolled center stage. The truck looks like nothing else the world has ever seen. Straight out of a concept show Tesla didn’t cheat height or length. With the size of a F150 they reversed the trend, instead of body on frame they switched the technique making it one solid object. Moving the stress to the outside skin it’s made with a thick ultra hard stainless steal. Strong enough to take the force of a sledge hammer, and also built with an extra hard cold rolled stainless steel alloy. the same used on the rockets Tesla creates. The Cyber Truck is Equipped with armored glass that can withstand shots from a 9mm handgun. Even after a hick up in demonstration where the armored glass was cracked due to a steel ball being thrown directly into it Musk continued on with greatness. The suspension is an air adaptive system adapting to your needs making it being able to drop real low for loading needs. Equipped with a pull out tailgate its ready for whatever.

The auto pilot comes standard also includes a “17 touchscreen with new version of Tesla's inboard software. It was demonstrated having a tug of war with a F150 and pulled the arguably biggest truck on the market up a hill. The Cyber Truck was also shown racing a Porsche 911 and not only keeping up but beating it in a land test. The truck sports onboard outlets making it a personal generator.

The vehicle will only be starting at the very low price of $39,900 going to $69,000 with all the imeddities. With no oil changes no smart checks and no gas to worry about the cost of operations are low maintenance. It even has an on board air compressor.

Oh yeah... To add to the festivities he previewed an ATV which fits in the cab space


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