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Tekashi 6IX9INE Opts Out Of Witness Protection

According too TMZ, rapper Tekashi 6IX9INE has done the unexpected by not going into witness protection once he is free. After a 3 day trial of turning against the Trey way gang, to which he was affiliated with. The rapper is expecting to have 24/7 security for himself and his family. Born Daniel Hernandez the rapper was facing 47 years at minimum but is scheduled to be sentenced in January 2020. The Brooklyn rapper agreed to cooperate with the Feds and plead guilty to the 9 counts of racketeering and violent activities.

He also plead guilty to hiring someone to shoot at Chief Keef as well as another rival rapper. It has been all over the internet for the past week of the 23 year old singing and sharing all the greatest news of the gang he was affiliated with. From dropping names to the activities that took place inside the gang 69 decided to tell it all. He named dropped a couple of rappers such as Trippie Red, Cardi B, even Jim Jones. He admitted to joining the gang in the fall of 2017 unfortunately for him the gang was already under investigation prior to his joining. A lot of memes have been made about him telling and social media followers have even joked about admitting to something so 69 couldn't tell on them. Although the internet jokes, the issue remains that he is telling on people and doesn't want to go into witness protection.

Not only is he expecting to roam free but The fact that he believes he is going to get out and continue his rap career is bold of him. It's good to have dreams, because of his music he is still going to get paid but I am not sure if people are going to continue to listen to his music let alone go see him. It is reported by a close source he is not worried about retaliation as he is going to stick with his 4/7 security. This will cost a lot of money to protect him and his family. Apparently hidden in plain sight is the tactic he chooses.


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