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Teen Lynched Ruled Suicide #Justice4Danye

Ferguson, St Louis- It's been reported that teen Danye Jones was found hanging from a tree in his backyard of his home. He was hanging by his neck and his pants were all the down to his ankles. During the Jim Crow era KKK would pull the Black man’s pants down as a way to shame them while they were being hung from tree.

Why would someone hang a random young man? Well Danye Jones mom is a well known Black Lives Matter activist in the community. Her name is Melissa Mckinnies. Melissa took to Facebook to claim that her son was murdered. She believes it was a racial lynching.

For some reason no major News outlet not CNN or MSNBC is reporting this terrible heartbreaking news. So we are here to keep the people alert and woke and hopefully we can find the Killer or Killers who did this.

Reportedly the KKK has been threatening Danye and his family because of his mom’s line of work being a Black Lives Matter activist.

Jones’ death is reminiscent of the string of Ferguson activist deaths that have occurred since 2014.

DeAndre Joshua was found in his car with two gunshot wounds to the head the night of the Ferguson verdict in 2014.

Story derived from Hip Hop

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