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Tee Grizzley Truck Get's Shot Up

It's been reported Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley's Cadillac Escalade was shot up this past Tuesday. The truck was occupied by Tee Grizzley, a unknown driver and his aunt Jobina "JB" Brown, who was sitting in the back. The trio was reported to be parked at a house on the 3000 block of 3 mile, the east side of Detroit. TMZ reports, while the car was parked, an unknown suspect walked up to the vehicle and fired 3 to 4 shot hitting Brown in the left side. Detroit police department states it is unknown if the Wallace was the target or not.

Brown was the only person who got hit and was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Jobina was the manager for Tee Grizzley who's real name is Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr Jobina death has been ruled as a homicide and the department is still investigating the cause of the shooting. As of now the Detroit police states there is no information or suspects for this case. Tee Grizzley hasn't made any post since before the shooting took place however we are sending our condolences and hoping he will get to mourn in peace from losing not just his manager but his aunt family.


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