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Tamar Braxton Hospitalized

Sending positive vibes and love to Tamar Braxton and her family. Thursday Night Singer Tamar Braxton was rushed to the Los Angeles hospital after a possible suicide attempt. It was reported boyfriend David found her unresponsive and called 911. Boyfriend believes it may have been a suicide attempt, as she was drinking and taking pills. The couple was staying at the Ritz Carlton in downtown LA when the call was made.

An unknown source believes the reality star may have been under a lot of pressure. The couple has a show "Couples and Quarantine" which they post Live stream weekly videos on youtube. Unfortunately this week a video was not posted and instead a spoke-person updated the fan base stating Tamar was under the weather (not because of a virus) and will not be posting a video this week but will continue next week. Tamar also has a show called " How to catch a beautician" that she post every Monday on VH-1 as well as "Braxton Family Values"with her sisters. A video of Tamar being upset about a WE contract stating they don't get paid as much as the Kardashians and how she is tired of being made a villain. She also has a hair product out now called Tamar's Grow and Glow shea butter cream that has good reviews. On top of having a 7 year old son plus a home to manage, praying for a speedy and healthy recovery.

2020 has been such a trying year for us all. Between the pandemic, racial injustice, unemployment and so much more keeping your mental health up is imperative. Please check on your love ones and be kind to others you never know what they are going through behind closed doors. Please take time out for yourself, dont rush your process, be mindful of the things you take in, what you watch, listen to and eat as it all effects your mind and mood. With the pandemic its not a lot we can do however, that can be a good thing. Getting out doors and with nature, yoga, dancing, working out to keep your body moving. Trying new activities to keep our minds stimulated and stable. Spending time with our love ones who we may not get to see often. This is a time to be both patient and creative, free and still. If you or anyone you know is struggling utilize a therapist. There is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist it has such a bad stigma behind it but if it helps research and find a therapist your actually like and want to work with. Someone you feel will be able to understand you and is relatable. Take advantage of the hotlines if you want to remain anonymous.

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