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Surviving R Kelly

After a 3 day marathon of the Surviving R Kelly series on Lifetime you will have to be a blind and very dear fan of the once famed singer to not be disturbed by what’s been revealed over the last 3 days.

A lot has been learned about the artist over the past few days and the activity he’s been involved in behind the scenes. R Kelly who has been revered by fans for decades has recently came under fire for his years of mental, physical , and sexual abuse of females mostly underage for decades dating back to the late Great Aaliyah . Whom Kelly married when she was only 15 years olds after forging documents to do so. Kelly has been rumored to have been dealing with underage girls since he received his big break in the late 80s early 90s .

After 3 days of Surviving R Kelly it’s safe to say that the musical genius needs help in a major way, and that the abuse he has ensued on young naive women that adored him is unacceptable. Will the now infamous singer be brought up on charges which it seems the world is calling for. Or will he continue to dodge the justice system as he’s done for more than a decade?


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