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Summer Walker First And Last Tour...Really?

The talented song writer and singer Summer Walker has been in and out of social media mentions for many reasons. Her debut album "Over It" hit the Billboards and has been deemed the second largest streaming R&B album in the first week, beating Beyonce's Lemonade. Dating producer London while touring and being on stage with legend artist such as Usher and Jhene Aiko, what makes someone want to cut their tour short? Well, it looks as though she hasn't been fans favorite lately. A lot of complaints from both sides. Fans are to happy with the singer due to not wanting to be touched during meet and greets. Her stage presence, appearance and "energy" as some fans have quoted has raised eyebrows to some. She uploaded a video on social media explaining why she decided to cut the tour short. .

She wants to be herself and be free without the publicity. Summer has been all over the social media news from fans complaining about her meet and greet, not responding to fans, the way she cleans herself, her stage presence and the list goes on. Summer made an Instagram post a couple weeks ago stating she was going to finish the tour and be done with the music industry. She went on to rant "Y'all don't deserve me". It seems as though Summer just isn't willing to deal with everything. She states her reason is because she suffers from Social Anxiety and has stated that many of times to the public. However, fans aren't cutting her any slack. Can you blame them? Spending your hard earned money to see your favorite artist just for them to cancel tour dates, or tell you they don't want a hug from you. Well I can understand the hostility, but before we judge can we try to understand her point. Summer stated in an interview she is an empath. What is an empath? Someone who is highly aware of the emotions around them, someone who is sensitive to the vibes and energy.

Summer told social media she was an empath, after being accused of being rude to fans for not giving them a hug. As an empath and an introvert dealing with large crowds can be tough to maintain. Someone who is believed to be an empath has a difficult time being around others for the simple fact that they are able to pick up how others are feeling, suffering, and just sensitive to other peoples energy. This is difficult for someone with such a status, performing in front of people and having fans who, of course wants to meet you. Summer was attacked again when because of her "lack of" performance with Usher during their performance in LA. The chemistry was not there and you can tell Usher was looking for a little more movement.

Mental Health is very important to maintain. Especially in her profession. For someone with social anxiety may have a hard time being on stage in front of thousands of people. Although this is something she signed up for, the statement "Everyone has a job you still have to show up", is one of the reasons people are so stressed now. There are many employers who have made mental health days apart from sick day or personal day for employees to be able to take a day off from work. By cutting her tour dates, Summer decided to take care of her health on a mental and emotional basis. This was something she didn't want to do but felt she needed to. Of course fans are upset but this was something she had to do in order to get herself together. Now she didn't say she wasn't going to perform anymore, She just wants to get herself together and revamp. Good for her, for standing up for herself and not falling pressured to what everyone else wants her to do. Hopefully she can talk with someone who can help her through social anxiety and dealing with being an introvert. If she can conquer being an empath and still be around people that will for sure help her career.

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