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Local Hospital Assaults Drugs Kidnaps Akron Resident

Akron, Ohio - Friday the 13th a Akron man was assaulted, tied down, and forced administered drugs at Summa Akron City Hospital. Then knocked unconscious, and transported to St. Thomas Psychiatric ICU with out knowledge after going in for anxiety.

It has been a traumatic week for Akron resident Vernon Norman a 36 yr old handicapped man who suffers from anxiety. Vernon tells us that at around 10am he called his primary care physician Akron Family Practice located at 55 Arch St Akron, Ohio and talked with a counselor by the name of Tesa who is a counselor which is her only description. He tells her he's having panic attacks, and that his Heart is beating fast, hands sweating, and that he probably needs to see a doctor.. She tells the victim that she knows someone over at the emergency room, and she will call to let them know that he is coming. He then informed her that he is at his child's surgery at Children's Hospital, and he'll be over after the surgery. Arriving to City Hospital around 12am is where things took a turn for the worse.

He says he walked into the emergency room and told the emergency receptionist his name, and that his family practice counselor called ahead for him. The receptionist stated they had received the call, and gave Mr. Norman a wristband, telling him to come around and go to the back. Mr. Norman only being there for anxiety, and a panic attack. When taken to the back he noticed they didn't take his blood pressure, or do any admission normals. The nurse tells Mr. Norman to take all his clothes off and put them in a bag to prepare for the assessment. Feeling like it was strange and odd he said he wasn't about to do all that, and then chose to leave, The woman he was talking to then proceeded to scream “STOP HIM” so a male nurse grabs him. He says “I shoved him back telling the man to get off me, and i didn't do nothing wrong." also that “if I’m not about to be arrested or if there is nothing to arrest me for i'm out of here.” He then proceeded to walk out and says to everyone “don't no one touch me“ which was backed up by another employee to not touch him. Mr. Norman then says while walking outside someone then says calls security. When security is called a lone security officer comes around the corner giving Norman’s description to other security officers in the area. As he’s standing outside a counselor with the emergency department, Whom was the original point of contact for Tesa. Tesa is the Counselor at Akron Family Practice who called to inform the emergency room of Mr. Norman's problem, and possible appearance. The emergency room counselor says to him i'm the lady that Tesa called. He tells her he doesn't want to go back in there because they are way too aggressive, and are raising his anxiety levels even higher, but she talked him into coming back in and talking to the doctor. Mr. Norman goes back in, and as he walks past the resident doctor the doctor stops him, and says he has a room set up especially for him, more private and he'll be more relaxed. He says alright cool, but as they take him to the room he notices he's going deeper into the hospital facility. When they get to the room he notices its plexi glass over the TV. Amongst other signs of a room thats not normal. He says he requested a room that is a regular room with a sliding door or amongst other patients, Instead they continued too try and persuade him to stay at this point Mr. Norman states that he''s leaving for sure this time. He begins to walk out as he begins his way to turn the corner 3 more security officers come around, and surround him. At this time making it a total of 4 armed officers. He asked "are they trying to scare him and what are they on? I'm just tryna leave," Now this time time they say he can't leave until he talks to a doctor. The only one African American Officer tries to talk and reason, and says he's going to talk the doctor. After doing so, and coming back in he tells Mr. Norman the doctor wants to give you a shot. Norman tells him he's not taking any shot, and wants to leave. At this point there are a total of 7 officers 6 caucasian and 1 African American. Another African American officer steps into the scene to provide even more additional assistance for a handicap patient with anxiety. What is unknown to security, and doctors is that while the security officer went to talk to the doctor Mr. Norman turns his phone on record. THANK God because what happens next is something only for Hollywood. Not letting Mr. Norman leave a tussle ensued in which the victims pants were pulled down in a humiliating fashion and administered 3 shots into his buttocks flipped over, and added another one into his arm that left him unconscious.

Here Is the Video

Waking up Saturday the whole next day around 9am-10am in the ICU mental ward in St. Thomas Hospital. he sees a phone, and calls his family. Asking where he is he tells them that these people have took me, and i don't know where i'm at, Not knowing that the phones from the mental ward shows up as scam likely on caller ID. He had to ask another patient to finally learn the disturbing news. He says that "they are mistreating patients up there, throwing people to the ground, poking patients with metal rods. Also injecting them with a lot of different things.". On Sunday somebody finally comes to talk with him saying he has too wait until Monday to talk with a doctor. Only then it was told they "might" let him out. When Monday comes he tells the doctor he doesn't want too be assessed or nothing just let out. The Doctor then says he'll talk with the counselor and see what can happen. A couple hours later Mr. Norman was released on his own accord. Mr. Norman was tested for every drug in the book and everything came back negative. So him being taken against his will is still up for debate.

Once released he immediately called the counselor at Akron Family Practice, and asked what could have possibly been said to make the hospital treat me like that. The counselor states she only repeated what was said too her, Stating what they do in the ER is what they do in the ER. Proceeding to transfer the call to the Office Manager. The manager was wowed by the story, and what had transpired over the past weekend. She stated the only way that could happen is if your a clear and present danger to yourself or others. He states and the video shows the victim was coherent, and responding in a way that doesn't seem to imply that he was neither. He was also never pre screened or assessed, and has never seen a psych doctor. Nor should he have been deemed treatment over objection as in some cases may take precedence.

We asked Mr. Norman how the ordeal has left him emotionally he states "he is scared even terrified to go to the hospital for further treatment. I was so high off their drugs I didn't realize till wednesday what actually happened to me. I Feel violated, I feel like I was kidnapped. I'm still not sure what they did to me. I want justice. I'm still uncertain what could of went wrong. Not sure if the Counselor doesn't like me or what." He suffered further damage to his back, and rotator cuff. Saying everything is inflamed. He called a meeting with the office manager face to face at Akron Family Practice who just cant believe it happened. The primary care office has referred Mr. Norman to victims assistance. He feels like it can happen to anyone with anxiety, "I guess your liable to be strapped to a bed and shot in your ass. and it's a sad world when you can't trust the police or the hospital." He is suffering from major headaches and hasn’t been able to sleep.

We will keep an eye on this story as it continues to develop. Was this a accident or normal practice? What are your thoughts Log In & Leave a comment.


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