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StateWide Mask Order

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has finally made the decision to make a State Wide Mask Order Mandatory. This is took effect on Thursday July 23 , 2020 at 6pm. From that moment on everyone 10 years of age and older is mandated to wear a mask when you are out in public. That includes indoor facilities and outdoor areas that require a 6 feet distance.

According to the Governor, the goal of this mandate is to clear the pandemic wave so children are able to go back to school come fall and so we can watch sports. People aren't happy with this and believe this is just a distraction to control the masses. The need to want the pandemic to be overs the point of wearing a mask, but not only wearing a mask but keeping up with your hygiene and proper hand washing. Since the pandemic a lot of people have realized how much we touch our faces and other areas without notice. Getting in the habit of being mindful of what you are doing is imperative to staying Covid free. Below are some of the exclusions to not wearing a mask.

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