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Springhill Ent. "Best Shot" Series

LeBron & Maverick are at it one again with the new Youtube series "Best Shot".

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The Best Shot Series starring Jason Williams ESPN analyst former Duke 2x National Player of The Year, and NBA pro who's career took a turn for the worst after a terrible motorcyle accident ended it abruptly, and a coach by the name of "OG" who is one time member of the legendary Zoo Crew. Best Shot takes us through the lives of the an inner city high school basketball program set in Newark, NJ. Giving them a light that they may need to go through to the next level. It's a story of perseverance, will, and the strength to overcome.

Directed by Micheal John Warren In the latest episode #5 Zyreke a sophomore high school basketball player for the Newark Central team has the chance to switch schools mid season to the school that they played earlier in the episode St. Benedict a team full of D1 prospects, and the #20 team in the country.

Zyreke being a standout guard garnered the attention after giving them a very hard time. Zyreke is all for the move believing it's the best decision for him in his journey to take care of his mother who works around the clock to support the two, since his father has been in jail. Zyreke and his mother are at odds because she doesn't truly agree with the mid-season move, but its a decision she will leave up to him. Coach OG definitely isn't in agreement with a mid-season move, because he knows how moves like this can effect a players legacy, and reputation.

It's a great series that will grab you and have you wanting more.

Further credits on the project go to Executive producers

Dane Lillegard Jordan Wynn Andrew Fried Co Executive Producers Jamal Henderson Philip Byron

You can catch Best Shot via the NBA channel via Youtube


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