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Shawn Porter Wins Split Decision

Shawn Porter (30-2-1) 91% win percentage with 4 straight wins out of the Akron, Ohio area fighting by way of Cleveland fought Saturday on PBC On Fox vs Yordenis Ugas, and won by split desicion.

Shawn seemed to win first 2 rounds even tho Ugas landed his right hand all night. Shawn Porter as usual created an ugly fight. For a commentator from Fox Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini 2015 boxing hall Of game inductee believed that Shawn didn’t do enough in the fight to retain the WBC title. Keith Thurmond who fought Shawn and also defeated Porter in 2016 believed he has to fight more on the inside to be effective. Porter was knocked down in the fight, but it was ruled a controversial slip. The judges score cards read (116-112 115-113 Porter) & (117-111 Ugas).

All in all Ugas did not take the fight after having ample opportunities to take over, but didn’t, and left it in the judges hands. Even after the fight Ugas raised his hands in victory which was acknowledged by Porter which struck some as a sign he may have believed he lost the fight. Porter landed 144 To Ugas 128. With Porter landing 110 for the head vs 71 for Ugas. Ray Mancini gave the fight 118-110 for Ugas. In an interview with Ugas the fighter stated he still thought they would give it to me but they didn’t, feels robbed by judges and ref. He felt like he did enough to secure the title by keeping the champion non aggressive.

what do y’all think?

Check out the highlights & post fight here


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