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Shawn Porter Tells All On Upcoming Fight

Shawn Porter 28-2-1 out of the Akron/Cleveland area was recently was interviewed by, concerning his fight against Danny Garcia 34-1 coming up Saturday September 8th.

Porter says "That this is the fight that he want everyone to remember."

He was adamant about getting the fight going as far as meeting Garcia ringside after a recent fight to get the talks started. Porter says "we have to look at how to be great and in boxing its certain people that you have to fight to be great." It was what he felt and knew was right, and he's 100 percent satisfied with the outcome.

Porter states that it's going to be an action packed fight, he's going to control him, he's going to push his heart, and win the WBC championship. After being asked about his past left hand injury suffered during the Adrian Granados fighr, he says it feels good he received, xrays which were diagnosed as a bruised bone and stressed muscles.

Make sure you tune in September 8th 9pm Est. Live on Showtime


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