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Shaq Helps Find Home For Shooting Victim

NBA star Shaquille O'Neal bought a home for a mother of 2 boys after finding out the hospital couldn't release her son from the hospital because her home was not accessible for people with disabilities. On August 17, 2019 12 year old Isaiah Payton was shot during a football scrimmage between two high school teams. The shooting left him paralyzed from the chest down, another student was shot in the leg but has since recovered. Payton unfortunately has been in the hospital since the shooting. His mother has made a gofundme page for his medical expenses and because they live in a one bedroom home the hospital wouldn't release him due to the home not being accessible. Shaq heard about the incident and decided to step in.

Shaq has teamed up with Papa Johns establishment and not only purchased the family a home in College Park area but are fully furnishing the home and paying up a year of rent to help the mother get on her feet. Since the shooting the mom hasn't been to work to tend to her son. When asked from reporter what made him want to help. Shaq stated " This could have happened to any of us, it could have happened to our cousin."

The former LA Lakers player is known for his big heart. In May of this year, he helped a Georgia resident after she posted about her 13 year old son who was growing out of his shoes. wears a size 18 Zach Keith's mother has not been able to afford to buy him shoes. She told reporters he hasn't had a pair of dress shoes in about four years. After reminiscing on how someone helped his parents when he was 18 and wearing a huge size. Shaq wanted to do the same for someone else. Wearing a size 23 himself, Shaq decided to surprise the high school basketball player to shoe shopping at Friedman's shoes in Atlanta, Georgia. The store is known to carry shoe sizes for people with large feet. Shaq was able to help by buying ten pairs of shoes for Zach. The kid is only 13 and already wearing a size 18 in shoes. Hopefully he doesn't grow again for a while. Shaq is amazing for helping the kid get new shoes because shoe sizes like that are not cheap at all.

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