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September Is Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the United states. The number of suicide and suicide attempts have sky rocketed in the past ten years. Medical experts have stated the rate of school age children

The FCC chairman is working on making the suicide prevention number a 3 digit number 988 as the number to dial for a mental health crisis. This would for sure be a great thing to do to help people get the help they need effectively. This number has not been listed as of now but the FCC is working on putting these things in place ASAP. Mental Health crisis is slowly on a rise with social media bullying and the lack of financial stability. The Netflix series of 13 Reasons Why season 3 came out in August. The message from the movie shows the different effects on people who were in communication of someone who committed suicide. I really like the movie and recommend it to everyone.

There are a lot of different activities people can do to prevent suicide. Yoga and Meditation has really increased awareness in the past couple of years. Getting sunlight or participating in outdoor activities help release anxiety an built up frustration. Sometimes it's not feeling anything or wanting to participate in anything that makes a person more depressed. I just read an article of a pastor who was also a mental health adviser, committed suicide. You can't always see depression. Everyone functions differently. The secret battles we deal with on the inside can cause more harm. Having someone you can open up and talk to may help release some of the baggage. Men have the highest rate of suicide.

The stigma of men shouldn't cry or express themselves is probably what leads to this. Having to be tough all the time can cause some internal health issues. It's interesting because women report at a higher number of depression but men commit suicide at a higher rate. Why is that? Well women have no problem expressing their feelings, were as men don't have the same open support as women. The judgment of being soft or feminine questions a mans masculinity. We have to start being more empathetic with others when it comes to their feelings.

The suicide rate is in fact more higher than the murder rate in the US. Shocking right? Yes, because this isn't something people talk about except during the month of September. Of course, the holidays coming up are the most crucial times that people are more depressed and are likely to commit suicide. Thankfully the suicide hotline is trying to create a shorter number to get people help quicker. If you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts, please call the hotline or speak with your local crisis intervention group on getting help. At least being able to talk to someone is a start.


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