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School Shooting Leaves 2 Dead In California

Santa Clarita, California- A school shooting at Saugus Highschool has left 5 victims injured and fighting for their lives. All students at the school are being evacuated. It's being reported that the shooter is being treated at the hospital as well.

This all started this morning at around 7am with the suspect being described as an Asian kid in all black. It’s being said that the suspect who is a member of the student body, went in the school and unloaded a handgun hitting numerous students. The shooting took place during which is referred to as 0 period a period before school officially starts where band classes, study sessions, and extra activities are held. A student called his father during the chaos saying he saw the shooter pull the gun out, and was so close his ears are ringing.. 2 of the 5 injured have been pronounced deceased.

Two young ladies standing outside of library thought they heard binders dropping or a ballon popping. After they paused and finally realized after 3 consecutive shots understood something was wrong and ran outside of the school to a friends house.

Watch more on the story via CBS News here

This is getting out of control what is the remedy?! Leave a comment below.

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