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RPeezy Baby - Pressing The Issue

RPeezy Baby drops his sophomore album Pressing The Issue via Pinky Up / Rap Bay / Urban Life Distribution. 😎😎😎😎😎

The album starts off with the title track Pressin The Issue a deep bass track laced with just enough auto tune. The track gives you a feel for what he’s about to bring. With this track he delivers aggressively letting the world know he's out to press the issue, and if you want to stand in the way you can do the same. Street bangers like Bands Up, Body, and It’s Over keep the album turnt up.. RIP Reese is something we all can feel, a track dedicated to someone he lost gives that personal look within, but switching up the tempo for a RIP track makes the record even better. Songs for the ladies like Be Thankful, and Better When I’m High are guaranteed to get them on his side.with songs like Fallen shows his versatility as an artist not really being a singer but being a able to hold his key shows the artistry. Maybe also a big up to the engineer either way it worked. Taking a shot at the club with Justin Case ft S1 Dub has GO!! He dives into story telling, and word play with Harley Quinn laced with the 2pac Bonnie & Clyde melody using the fictional character Harley Quinn Best known as the former girlfriend of the Joker, Harley suffers from multiple personalities, homicidal tendencies, Stockholm syndrome and possibly “shared psychotic disorder.” Just to give you a feel of what goes on with that. He continues the album giving us something to ride to with How I Rock featuring M4H Scoot. Finishing the album strong with tracks like On Time featuring Porter Ain‘t Rockin, DG So Wavy & Moe Banz and Same Pain keeping the tempo of the album at a steady vibe. The album keeps you interested throughout.

We give the Album 5 out of 5 for consitant vibe, dope flow, and versatility in content. The production was on point. With the flow, and bars to match great work No Cap!!!

Check It out here tell us what you think.

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