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Rob Bruce x OBE JayB -Unusual Suspects

Ohio’s Rob Bruce & OBE JayB took the underground by surprise by joining forces and releasing a joint 17 track venture entitled “Unusual Suspects.” 😎😎😎😎

The album starts off strong with a feature from Eastside Mass out of Akron, Ohio. The album actually features a lot of talent from the Home of Lebron James from Shoddy Boi, Chey Dolla, Young Bossi, Scoot Da Kidd, SMSP Spitta, Lil Mont, Akright, Spenn Da Benn, Vonta Da Chaser, Lokii, Chipped Up, Angelo & More. It was a street drivin album with a lot of jewels, and messages but showed some versatility with "Nasty One" featuring new girl duo Rae Bandz & Detroit Barbie. The collection of talent paid off with a lot of solid tracks and a consistent flow of the album it’s definitely something to ride., and mob too. The album also features production from Akron’s own Akright, Young Mass, Lokii, and Golden Eye.

We give the album 4 out of 5 for originality, bars and consistency, but it’s wasn’t a particular track that stood all the way out. What are your thoughts.

Here is the first fire visual directed by Rob Bruce's LEAROC Film production company

Listen to the album here via itunes


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