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Rich Paul Responds To The Rich Paul Rule

Lebron James stands behind his agent Rich Paul

Two weeks ago the NCAA announced they would be making changes to agents working with college athletes. This left Lebron James and many others in disbelief. The "Rich Paul Rule" states an agent must have a bachelors degree, be certified for 3 years with the NBPA and also take an in person exam at the Indianapolis office.

The NCAA believes the rules they were implying will help keep out con artist and people who are only going to mislead the players. The issue with this is; you have agents with a bachelors degree who still lead players down the wrong road and you have agents like Rich Paul with no degree who have given players their dream jobs. Honestly a lot of jobs want you to have a bachelors degree and experience. An associates degree hardly holds any weight now.

Who is Rich Paul? He is an American sports agent, in Cleveland Ohio. Paul is the and founder of Klutch Sports group and an agent to a number of players such as Anthony Davis, John Wall, Ben Simmons, Lebron James and a host of others. Paul wrote to the NCAA about their rule and stated: Does anyone really believe a 4 year degree is what separates an ethical person from a con artist?

Rich Paul speaks out on the Rich Paul rule

Although the NCAA believes these criteria would have protected their college athletes, Lebron and Rich took a stand and spoke reality. Degree or no degree defines a person's ethical persona. One week after stating the new rule the NCAA decided to take the bachelors degree requirement out and do away with the "Rich Paul Rule". This was a great victory for Lebron and Rich as they took a stand on an issue that would have prevented other agents from working with potential college players and caused more problems than necessary. Congrats to the guys for taking a stand.


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