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Raptors Bringing Back Dinosaur Jerseys

It was revealed Friday the Toronto Raptors they will be bringing back the highly requested Dinosaur jerseys in attempt to spice up the year.

Among other teams such as Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers and Memphis Grizzlies, Raptors posted on twitter throw back videos of the teams most wanted jersey. The Iconic jersey was worn from 1995-1999 and some of the greatest players had a chance to wear the jerseys including Vince Carter and Damon Stoudamire to name a few. With the broken lines running through the lines and the iconic raptor on the front the jersey is very similar to the original design. Fans were ecstatic about the 90's apparel coming back out. The new jerseys are very similar to the original with the The 2019 Champion team has also thrown out hints of a new designed court to match their jerseys.

Although the team has lost Kawhi Leonard they brought back the iconic jerseys, added something new to their court and if their coach can lead Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol to another NBA Championship. Hopefully the throw back jerseys and new court will motivate the team to another championship.


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