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Race Driver Dies Trying To Beat Her Record

Jessi Combs, the fastest woman race car driver died Tuesday evening after trying to beat her previous world record with a jet powered race car. Back in 2013 the 39yr old Combs earned the title of the fastest woman on four wheels.

After accomplishing the record of 398 MPH at the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger. She was labeled as the woman who was first, after setting the world record she went back out and beat the record of 483.2 MPH last October. She set many records as the first woman to place at an ultra 4 event, as well as the first woman to compete in a race of gentlemen.

This past Tuesday Combs decided to go back out and try to beat her record again. Tragically things took a turn for the worse as the jet powered race car lost control and crashed. The Harney county medical center received a call about 4 pm concerning a fatality due to a crash. Combs was pronounced deceased on the scene.

Although this is a tragic story, Jessi Combs was known to support women empowerment and helping woman believe they can go after their dreams no matter what. She has a line of woman's welding gear with Lincoln Electric, as well as an online Collaborative called "The Real Deal" to help empower woman and educate them on industrial skills. Combs was loved dearly and will be in the hearts of her loved ones.


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