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R. Kelly Post Bail

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R. Kelly about to do some time, time…….

Last Friday February 22, 2019, R. Kelly turned himself Into the Cook County Illinois jail. He was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving 4 underage girls between the ages of 13-17. Judged sets his bond at $250,000 for each count, making it a total $1 million bond. Ironically, this is the same judge that seen Jussie Smollet a week ago regarding his case. This investigation has been going on for over a year. Finally after a whistle blower turned over a tape to police showing full evidence of Mr. Kelly having sexual relations with a 14 year old girl who stated her age in the video during the time the sexual acts took place. This was enough evidence for State Attorney to turn over to the courts to set charges again Kelly.Rumor has it the whistle blower only turned the tape in when Kelly stopped giving them hush money.

For over 20 years Robert Kelly has been accused of sexual misconduct, child pornography and sexual abuse with under-age girls. Bringing darkness to light with the “Surviving R. Kelly” show that was aired on lifetime gave the victims a chance to speak out on their experience throughout the years of dealing with Kelly. Women from all over including Wife Andrea Kelly talked about the abuse they endured while being with him. R.Kelly has some true die-hard fans because people were still standing by him during the accusations. Although radio stations took his music off the air, his record sales went up, his fans still played his music and showed up to concerts to support him. He even decided to do a tour which eventually turned out to be an epic fail. He even had fans trying to pay his bond and created a GoFundMe account to raise money for his bail. What makes this such a big case is for over 2 decades victims have come forth, parents who have been worried about their daughters being trapped at his house and nothing has been done. The 2008 trial was a previous attempt to bring justice to victims involved. However, the case has been accused of being rigid. He was charged on 14 counts of child sexual abused. Kelly was acquitted on all charges and released.

It has been said people were paid off for the silence in the case including some of the young girl’s parents and family members who knew what Kelly was doing and did nothing. State attorney Michael Aventii says, his team is going to go after and charge everyone involved who turned a blind eye and did nothing as Kelly sexually abused young girls for over 20 years. Says he is confident Kelly will be charged and may never be free again. In the “Surviving R. Kelly documentary there was a couple of people who stated they knew what Kelly was doing especially his body guard and brothers who help enable the behavior. Robert stated in the lifetime film that he also was sexually abused by a family member from ages 7-12. Most abusers start off as victims themselves. The cruel acts that have been said he has done to show power over these young girls only shows that at one point he, himself was powerless.

In the state of Illinois, the statute of limitation is 20 years from the time the victim turns 18. So far there hasn’t been any worries about statute of limitations for this case. The singer posted bail and was released from Cook County Jail Monday Morning Feb 25. Robert pleads not guilty on sexual charges with a minor. Now there is at least 2 videos, a lifetime show and enough witnesses and victims to talk about the horrific stories they went through dealing with Robert Kelly. Even though the same charges of R.Kelly was charged with back in 2008, it has been reported Kelly doesn’t have the financial will-power he had in 2008 and there seems to be a couple whistle blowers in his camp that can identify Kelly and the underage girl in the video. It has not been stated if the young girl will be testifying in court or not but this is sounding like a repeat of 2008. Will these charges stick and justice be served for the victims who’s lives have been changed drastically because of such experiences or will the King of R&B luck up again and get away with yet another case?

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