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Power Season 5 Ep.1 Recap

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson and his character Kanan returns with his 5th season of Power shown exclusively on the STARZ Network.

In the first episode back, A witness identifies Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) voice from a past scene which could be big for the attorneys office who's been trying to pin something on St. Patrick for some time now. Angela Valdez (played by Lela Loren) is put in a bind behind information she gave Tasha (played by Naturi Naughton) which implicates her in the murder of Ray Ray (played by Marcus Callender) the undercover cop who actually killed Raina (played by Donshea Hopkins) in season 4. Dre the Ex manager of Ghost lavish nightclub now turned his main competition (played by R&B artist Rotimi) knows Kaman, Ghost, and Tommy are after him for his involvement in Raina's Death. In a later scene Tariq (played by Michael Rainey Jr.) finally admits his role in his sisters death, and how it all started. Tommy (played by Joseph Sikora) along with Ghost & Kanan tries to catch up with Dre, but it was an ambush that Ghost ended up being shot in. Raina's funeral was a big media circus a lot of people who weren’t family were in attendance the biggest collection of mourners in the history of the US, were collected by the Councilman Tate (played by veteran actor Lorenz Tate) who is the new political advisor to Ghost. After the ambush earlier in the episode Ghost, Tommy , and Kanan devise a plan to have Dre kidnapped, and brought to him. Dre ends up getting tipped off by an unlikely source, and inevitably escapes the trap laid out for him. After narrowly escaping, Dre gets backing by a very dangerous cartel to hold off Ghost Tommy & Kaman which leads us to next Sundays highly anticipated episode 2.

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