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Power Is Back

POWER!!! The show that has gripped the urban culture for more than 4yrs now has made its triumphant return to the airwaves.

Power which is a series via the Starz network Co-produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson CEO of G-Unit films kicked off its 6th season with a bang. Last time we all checked in Tommy put a bullet in Angela Valdez, and left her to die leaving people to also believe that maybe just maybe the bullet was for Ghost himself.

The new season Episode 1 actually confirms most people’s thoughts. The scene starts with Ghost in the ambulance with Angela as she fights for her life, finally making his way through the hospital with her only to be shutdown from advancing by a doctor because he wasn’t immediate family. Within the first ten minutes of the show Angela was pronounced dead. Ghost is the main target of everyone‘s suspicion of who actually pulled the trigger knowing the evidence and knowledge she held to put him behind bars.

in this new season we see it’s going to be a long one with the recent beef between right hand men Tommy Egan & James St Patrick aka Ghost kicking up to high gear. it‘s definitely not safe in the New York streets for anyone connected to the two, including the infamous Tyrik who is caught in the middle of hating his father to being loving and loyal to his Uncle Tommy. By the end of the episode it’s pretty clear who’s feeling what type of way. Ghost believes he has killed Tommy, Tommy knows at this point it’s Kill or be Killed. Tasha wants a divorce as she still tries to find answers on the whereabouts of her estranged lover Terry Silver. Tommy's Girlfriend Keisha is in for the long haul as well as her son Cash. One thing for sure two things for certain it’s going to be a long and exciting season tune In next Sunday or Saturday night depending if you have On Demand or Firestick either way prepare to be glued to your TVs until the end this season shall not disappoint.


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