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Power Cast Says Goodbye To Proctor

Recently the hit sh0w Power lost another iconic piece to the show.

The character lost is none other than Joe Proctor the infamous Lawyer of James "Ghost" St. Patrick the powerful lead character of the series. Proctor found himself entangled in a very sticky situation. Having to choose sides between his client and the fear of St. Patricks long time friend and business partner turned enemy Tommy Egan. Proctor losses his focus when a rival lawyer has dirt on him to make him expose his hand. Telling what he knows about the death of the rival lawyers associate and lover of Ghost Angela Valdez.

Having to reveal the truths to what he knows, in exchange of not being black balled into information being leaked that he doesn't want out. He tells that Tommy is the true person he's looking for. Taking the info, the lawyer goes to ask a witness whom in which Tommy soo happens to be in the closet ready to kill on Proctors behalf Tommy learns of his statements, and immediately goes on the hunt. Catching wind that Proctor is staying at St. Patricks house he uses Ghost son to set up the kill.

Catching up with Proctor at Ghost penthouse Tommy tears the place up finally cornering Proctor in Ghost late daughter bedroom killing him with multiple gunshots from an automatic weapon. Ending a more than 5 year run on the series the character of Joesph Proctor was laid to rest.

Here are some of the Actors last goodbyes to the Character.


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