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Playstation 5 2018 Release?

With the PS5 Xbox One X 2 are rumored to have 2020 release dates,it has been revealed what developers want from their next-gen consoles. It is said According to a spokesperson from Divinity Original Sin 2 developer Larian, the next-generation of consoles would hugely benefit from physics-based events.

A Larian spokesperson was asked what developers want from the next-generation of consoles said: "More power for physics-based events, so you can rely less on scripting and animating everything and more on the hardware taking care of this dynamically.

"For example, why can't I pick up a bottle and use it as a weapon, and if it smashes for whatever reason (it collides with something), continue using it as a weapon in whatever state it's in?

"This kind of thing isn't really currently possible, but soon it will be.

"I'm looking for richer sandbox experiences where you can truly walk into a situation and do anything you want.

"Right now we're limited by choice being mandated by scripted possibilities. Physics has the potential to unlock more."

We will see whats happens with a possibly shock release of the Playstation 5 from another report on SemiAccurate suggests that PlayStation 5 dev kits are already in the hands of developers and that the PS5 could have a shock 2018 release date.


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