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Phara Funeral vs Charlie Clips Battle Review

Round 1: was almost a classic Charlie Clips came out firing on all cylinders. With crazy bars and punchlines galore. Clips came prepared and ready to exercise his dominance from the gate. Phara Funeral came back out hard with tough punchlines and hella confidence which slightly wavered once she fumbled on a couple lines. Her swag is crazy fr. Round 1 Clips won

Round 2: Charlie came back firing continuing his bravado from the first round touching on her previous relationship with Tsu Surf claiming she burnt him and gave him crabs. He even tagged in Hitman Holla for a few bars. Phara is bananas. Her voice is crazy and the delivery is just the same. She p[ayed the victim card great knowing she was an underdog she came to let be known if she go everybody goes. Her word play is ill, her gun bars are tough as shit.

Round 3: Charlie came with it. Pointing out the best friends beef over a young playa named Fettuccini. Charlie came lit raw from the gutter for the top of the 3rd. The bars got so heavy her best friend had to get in on the action. Phara was not to be punk'd she came back for the third round. Her swag and belief in herself make her bars fierce. She will say something to make you rewind.

Recap; Charlie Clips was no doubt the illest, and most mentally prepared of the two. If Phara can get through her bars straight without fumbles she will be crazy. Her voice, bars and delivery will leave most niggas shook. I can't wait to see her versus a more equal opponent.

Check out the battle here. Who do you think won?


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