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Parris Campbell Scores 1st Career Touchdown

Parris Campbell out of Akron, Ohio scores his first official NFL touchdown Sunday afternoon with the Indianapolis Colts.

Parris who was held to only 1 catch last week for a total of 1 yard repeated his 1 catch performance with a 1 catch 1 Touchdown performance this past Sunday. The touchdown catch brings his touchdown to catch ratio to 50% lol sounds like nothing but the city and his fans will take it. With a new quarterback taking over in in Indianapolis it will only be a matter of time before Campbell is on his radar more often than none. Even tho he didn't like his celebration after the TD claiming he "had a plan but folded in the moment" we are sure he'll bring his A game in the end zone next time.

Check out the TD here as well as his reactions via Twitter & IG

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