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Pacquiao Mayweather 2

After over 3 years from the fight of the century in May of 2015, we are at the brink of finally getting what we... well a majority of us want.

The ageless wonder aka Manny Pacquiao who recently defeated undefeated Keith Thurman In a split decision this past Saturday night. Sparked the controversy up when Money Mayweather who of course was sitting ringside was asked about the Philippine Governor. Mayweather went on to mention that people can’t mention Pacquiao without mentioning him, and he’s sick of it and wants Pacquiao s name to stand alone. You can see the quote here (via ESPN)

That quote was followed up by Pacquiao going to twitter

Which left Mayweather swinging the hardest punch by responding to Pacquiao with

So what do ya'll think will happen do you think that a rematch will happen in the near future?! Also do you think Mayweather can still keep up with "The Ageless Wonder".


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