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Not For Sale.. Whats Happening to Our Girls?

There has been an on going trend of Black girls and Women who are missing. Have you noticed scrolling down your timeline and you mostly see post shared of someone who is missing? Yes well Sex trafficking is not just something that happens in the movies or over seas. It happens here in your own back yard.

This has been an issue in the states for decades but no one thought it could actually happen. Between Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking, the alarm rates of people going missing has everyone on alerts. Of course there is a difference between the two trafficking however they both have the same intent. A couple weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia college campus was a big target. College girls and boys were going missing, at a high rate. It was a post everyday of a kid who went missing out of nowhere. It has become a trend of missing people, videos of the lucky ones who escape from nearly being kidnapped. Toni D Rivera (a Sex trafficking victim) visited the Breakfast Club and told her story of how she got involved and some of the horrific incidents that take place. Listening to her story will give you chills however it worth knowing about to try and protect yourself and children.

Rivera went on to talk about some of the ways they caught victims. The places they recruited" as they would say would make you shake your head. She stated she went to college campus as well as churches. The details are hard to hear but again its needed to help fight the crime. A $1 billion industry and you wonder why so many people are going missing.

Sex Trafficking is huge in Atlanta but its also big in Ohio. The biggest report has been on uber and lyft drivers kidnapping people. Its very easy considering the victim is already in the car and honestly we are so into our phones that we don't pay attention to our surroundings. A couple days ago a woman posted on social media a video of her escaping from an attempt kidnapping in Houston, Texas. The number one people who are going missing are black woman and children.

That is a statement in itself that something needs to be done. Black woman need to take up defense classes, stay on high alert and be aware of your surroundings. If you are in a uber or lyft, send your location, stay on the phone with someone while your in the car. Pay attention to the area you are in, check the doors to make sure you can open the door once you close, as these drivers can have their child lock on. There are more and more videos of women escaping these trafficking cases. There is an attack on black woman and girls and what is being done about it? How do we prevent this from continuing? Below is a video of a little girl who was smart enough to hide behind a car after realizing she was being followed. Talk to your children about stranger danger and what to do if a situation like this happens. We talk about our children having cell phones at such a young age but for incidents such as this it is helpful to have someone to call immediately when there is an emergency.

Please get educated on Human and Sex trafficking. Figure out how to get information on what to do if you ever come across such an incident. Stay aware of your surroundings and be alert at all times, especially when you are alone. Don't give out more information than you need to. Also there seems to be a tactic they use by leaving a card with a number on your car and the moment you call that number within three seconds you are being tracked. Anything out of the ordinary you need to be aware of. Take defense classes, get your CCW's, carry pepper spray or even a bat. Protect yourself at all times.


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