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No Fap September

So No Fap September yes what in the world in that? Well anyone looking to challenge themselves? It's a new season coming upon us and why not start off by controlling your urges.

No Fap is an online support group that started on Reddit before creating their own website. The group was created by a guy name Alexander Rhodes who made a post in Reddit and the rest is history. The support group was created to help those who are going through porn, sex addiction. No Fap is committed to not watching porn or masturbating. Yes for a whole month not hard right? Well the reason the hashtag came about ever heard of porn addiction? It's a real thing. There is also a No Fap November, Absent August, heck some people are beyond 30 days and have gone a year or more. For the Reddit group every month is a new subject to help complete the goals of the addicts. No Fap seems to be guided to men but it has no discrimination on age or gender. No Fap isn't here to say masturbation is bad but too much of anything can be harmful and when you add porn to the equation well it gets a tad bit more freaky (no punt intended). Where dos the name stem from, well I will let you do some homework and tell you to google it.

So question, has porn killed passionate sex? The access to porn has become so easy. Although social media tries to have rules and regulations on post it doesn't stop people from making the post and sharing it. Twitter in my opinion has no regulation on porn as it will surface your time line just based off what someone else liked. I never realized it until I did research on this topic. The ages for porn addiction is as young as 14. For anyone born before 95 that sounds crazy right? Yes but again the access to porn is much easier now than it was before. These kids are barely making it to adulthood before they become addicted to watching porn and masturbating. Still wondering what the issue is with watching porn?

Porn addiction is linked to social anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and even depression. As I stated before too much of anything is bad for you. Porn addicts have stated a decrease in being productive or having the energy to get things done. Unhealthy watch of porn can cause intimacy issues, and relationship problems. One user stated he started liking violent porn and could no longer interested in "soft porn". It's like a drug addict ho starts off with pain killers and eventually goes to heroin. The brain on porn is similar to the brain on drugs. There is a study that states men usually don't become successful until their at least 40. Linked to that age is the decrease in testosterone. Medical experts state after age 30 men will have a gradual decrease in their sex drive. Sometimes it is due to high blood pressure, diabetes and other health issues. Learning healthy ways to control your urges help keep you with good energy. I would say a more healthy approach is tantric yoga over porn. challenge yourself and bring back intimacy to the bedroom.


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