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Nipsey Hustle's

Nipsey Hussle the Hustler....

Grammy nominated rapper Ermais Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle says he is in his artist bag. Nipsey is not just an artist but a business man. Looking at his accomplishments and were he is going, he is in his investment bag as well. The 33 year-old rapper has a clothing store located in the Crenshaw Shopping center located in LA, Cali called The Marathon Clothing. Nipsey recently bought out the Crenshaw plaza. He states their plan is to tear down the plaza and build a two- story residential building. Nipsey has shown he is all for rebuilding his community and states his dream is to become a Real Estate Mogul. The beginning of 2018 Nipsey and Real Estate Developer David Gross cut the ribbon to Vector 90. A co-working and STEM establishment. The co-working environment offers daily passes, monthly memberships and private offices for business owners to come in and work on their brand and even collaborate with other like-minded Entrepreneurs. This space gives the opportunity for residents in the inner city to have a place they can go to work on their business. The STEM program which is located on the lower level of Vector 90, gives an opportunity for inner city youth to study and develop the skills of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics.  

As a young teenage rapper coming up Nipsey had to teach himself about technology and engineering. He states he didn’t have income to pay for an engineer, so he built his own software. The self-made artist believes kids should have an opportunity to study more than just athletes and close the gap on the learning ability between inner city and suburban youths. The day after Vector 90 open Nipsey released his anticipated album Victory Lap which landed number 4 on the billboard 200 album chart.

The inspirational artist is constantly finding ways to invest. Another investment he talks about is bitcoin.  The musician has invested into a cryptocurrency called “follow coin” although he doesn’t speak on his earning, one can only imagine how much he is gaining.

Nipsey is a big advocate for being an independent artist and making it known he is not a main stream artist. He created his own record label called “All Money”. The underground artist had turned down a lot of record deals with other labels before partnering with Atlantic Records in 2017 “I shook hands and said I wouldn’t give full details, but we’re sharing everything: profit, masters. Before partnering with Atlantic, Nipsey used his Independent Catalog through tune core, profiting with a monthly income of over 6 figures. If this isn’t motivation that the sky is the limit

Despite his many losses Nipsey Hussle has over come time and time again and has gained so much because of his dedication. Nipsey is big on getting awareness to the community and wanting others to prosper as well. He has talks about starting a documentary about the late Dr. Sebi and his holistic approach on healing. Of course its not a shock Nipsey looked up to Dr. Dre, P.Diddy and Jay Z. 3 rappers who took their platform and turned it into a business. Nipsey is still on the rise of investing and says he will continue to find ways to invest and bring opportunities to the community.


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