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Nicki Minaj Announces Pregnancy

There has been rumors of Nicki's pregnancy for some time now since she hinted starting a family. Recently the New York Rapper posted a photo of her baby bump as a way to announce her pregnancy and the internet has been shaking since the photos uploaded. Instagram hasn't been the same since, and the pictures are gorgeous. It is all making since now since last year Nicki was ready to retire and start a family. Now that Her and Husband has a baby on the way, it is looking as though she is getting her dream of having her own family.

Of course with positive news comes negativity is right next to it. The worry of her child's father is and his criminal charges has the haters wondering how they are going to adjust to the lifestyle. Nicki Minaj hasn't clapped back at the comments, maybe she is taking the high road as well with not needing to respond. Focusing on her family is her main focus. It doesn't look like she is going to retire but she is for sure more focused on creating her family.

The pictures on her Instagram are blowing up with likes and more followers. The picture below is her most liked picture with over 10 million likes. The barbz are excited about the pregnancy and is happy for the Queen.

Congratulations Nicki Minaj,

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