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Nicki and Meg?.... Guess What They Did

After the recent IG link up with Meg the Stallion and Nicki Minaj, the two decided to work together on Meg the stallion new single "Hot Girl Summer". Nicki did a random IG Live, and added Megan to the turn up. This had viewers excited, stunned and wondering what was about to happen.

As they talked and goofed around about getting together with each other in LA, fans didn't know what how serious this was. The live link up turned into a record collaboration, between the Barbie and The Stallion a Hot Girl Summer single featuring Ty Dolla Sign was released Friday, August 9th. The live was the most talked about live and trending all week, as fans were excited to see the two talking and laughing with each other. What viewers didn't know was Nicki had her verse done and sent over the same night of the IG Live. Hot Girl Summer is currently streaming at number 2Apple Music top 100 chart. Fans are calling it a banger!! Below is the link, listen to it and comment your thoughts. Slap or Slop?

The Stallion real name is Megan Pete and Fans are excited as the new rapper is coming on the scene and making herself known. She has been spotted having a hot girl summer link up with many other celebs such as Trina, Sza and a couple of others.

The Texas native has gotten a lot of feed back from others as they notice how she is all for getting along with other female rappers. showing love and giving props to other artists. It is known she is publicly dating Memphis rapper Money Bag Yo. The 24 year old has come on the rap scene with her creative, energetic style and her strong knees. Yes, I said it the girls knees are bolted. If you've scene her dance than you know exactly what I am talking about. In a recent interview with E News, Megan was asked would she do a Hot Girl Summer tour and play peace maker with Cardi B and Nicki? Megan responded with "Of course if we can put it together I would love to. It's enough room for us all to eat." If there was a track with all 3 of the rappers I can only imagine how that would be. Let's hope they can make it happen.

Hot Girl Summer:


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